Attendance and Leave

Attendance will be taken at the commencement of each lecture class. No student will be admitted to the class after the teacher had entered the class.
Regular attendance is insisted upon.
Absence should be justified through a Leave Note; Medical Certificate will have to be given in case of long period of absence. Leave note must be given to the subject teacher / Academic Adviser and entered in the Calendar.
Absence from the class tests and college examinations will become a serious offence.
A student, fresh or promoted earns his attendance only from the date of payment of first instalment of tution fees.
A student will have to obtain 75% of attendance in each subject (in theory and practicals separately in subjects with practicals) to become eligible to appear for the Annual/Public examination. If the attendance is between 60% and 75%, the Principal has the power to recommend the condonation of shortage of attendance. Condonation will be recommended on basis of the leave records, conduct and progress of the student. If the attendance is less than 60% in any one subject, the student will not be eligible to appear for the examination and to go for the higher classes.

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