Rules & Regulations

Students shall follow the dress code prescribed by the College. It is as follows
Boys shall wear formal shirts and trousers (T. Shirts and Jeans pants are not permitted)
Girls shall wear Salwar Kameez / Chudidars with half / full sleeves and shawl (Sleeveless and transparent sleeves and any violation of the Dress Code not permitted)
No student shall wear hat or rumalu or head scarf on the campus. (classrooms, office, library and Principal’s chamber)
The use of cellphones on the campus is strictly prohibited.
Absence from class should be justified by a leave note to be given to subject teacher / Mentor. A leave note for a long absence due to illness must be supported by a Medical Certificate. Absence from tests and examinations will be taken seriously.
Leave entries should be made in the Calendar in the space provided.
Students who have particular difficulty in any subject are recommended to approach the teachers concerned for help.
Fee Concessions, Freeships and Scholarships to the students are sanctioned on the basis of recommendation by the principal regarding their regular attendance, good conduct and satisfactory progress.
The college expects the parents to join hands with the teachers in moulding the personality of their children and in making them responsible citizens. They should accompany the student at the time of admission.
Students should not loiter or congregate on the verandah during class hours even though they happen to have no class. In such cases they must withdraw from the class rooms and move to the library or common room and engage in study
Students shall not displace or interfere in any way with the furniture, electric fittings and the building of the college.
In case of damage to college property, the cost of repair and any other charge will be collected from the students known to be immediately concerned. But if the person who caused damage is unknown, the cost of repair etc., may be collected equally from all the students in the class or college. The decision of the Principal is final in all these matters.
Students are required to live either with parents or relatives or guardians.
Students are prohibited from organising any meeting or entertainment in the college premises or collecting money for any purpose without written permission from the Principal.
Students are required to see the Notice Board of the College and the various departments concerned to get information regarding Administrative and Academic matters.
Irregularity in attendance, constant indifference to studies, frequent avoidance of compositions and other assignments, avoidance of tests and examinations held by the college, discourtesy to teachers, obscenity in word or act will be treated as misconduct and punishable by any one of the following : warning, fine, cancellation of freeship, scholarship etc., suspension from the college, with- holding from attending annual / public examination and expulsion.
Penalties which might be imposed by the Principal according to the gravity of the offence committed by the student of the college shall be as follows - fine, loss of attendance, cancellation of scholarships and freeship, forfeiture of certificates, suspension or expulsion. It is also open to the Principal :-
To refuse to issue during the course of the Academic year or at the end of the Academic Year a conduct or a progress certificate.
To issue Transfer Certificate at any time during the Academic year or at the end of the Academic year to any student who has been responsible for actively organising or actively assisting movement subversive to the college. The onus would be on the student concerned to find admission into another college.
Students shall not give the college address for any personal correspondence. Principal will scrutinise any letter addressed to students received in the college. Students shall not give the college address for any personal correspondence. Principal will scrutinise any letter addressed to students received in the college.
Phone calls will not be given to the students. However in case of emergency, the message will be conveyed to the students.
Students are expected to obey well established rules of good conduct both inside and outside the class rooms. They shall also abide by regulations published on the College Notice Board from time to time by the Principal.
Science students shall ascertain from the respective departments the rules governing Laboratory use and practicals and follow them strictly.
Strict action will be taken against any student who prevents conducting of the classes.
Every student will be deemed to have agreed to abide by the college regulations as set forth in the college calendar when he / she applied for admission and admitted to the college.
No student of the college shall participate in any campaign demostration and agitation directed against the college. Instigating others to take to agitational methods, distributing any literature without prior permission of the Principal are considered as serious acts of indiscipline.
While every effort is made to keep the parents or guardians informed about any instance of misconduct of their children/ wards, the Principal does not guarantee that they will intimate in advance to the parents or guardians any action which he may decide to take against the students in the best interest of discipline in the college.
The Principal in consultation with the staff have the power to impose any punishment on the guilty student, including the power to rusticate from the college, if in their opinion the student is guilty of serious misconduct or the students presence in the college is injurious to order and discipline.
Students shall not invite any outsider to any college function without the prior permission of the Principal.
Students shall not become the office bearers of any outside organisation without prior permission of the Principal.
Students are not allowed to bring four wheelers to the college campus
Appropriate fine may be collected from the student if any damage is caused to the college property.

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